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Hey hi, I’m Rashmika(Scarlet)!!

I’m an interactive web developer, hacker, pentester, CTF player and social engineer.
Here's a taste of what I do →


Visual Intro to Custom React Hooks

Transit Guides


TacoJS & QueerJS

Splatoon Streaming

Upcoming Talks & Events

Spook Your Friends with Electron


Build Your First Website!

lofi hip hop beats to npm install to


Alex Hillman

Let's Talk Transit Cards!

Modern Web Dev on IE6


Smart Wand

There's more: check out my extended 🌎 websites!

Here's a lil' about me:

Nice to meet you!! I'm Rashmika(Scarlet): 🍵 sparkly tea witch, 🚆 transit nerd, 🌮 foodie, and 🦄 web unicorn. Know me more here. ✨

You can find me on Twitter, Dribbble, Twitch, and GitHub.

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I also got an Amazon Wish List. Your support means a lot to me! 💜

Let's build something cool together!

You can keep track of my availability, what I'm working on, and events I'll attending on my Notion page:

📓 Scarlet on Notion →

This site is open source on GitHub/ Glitch and built on a livestream!

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